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AU Summit to consider ‘United States of Africa’

A major proposition of whether Africa will need to form a United States of Africa in the bid to promote greater integration will be on the table when Ghana hosts the African Union Summit in July. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nana Akufo-Addo who announced the subject in his briefing of Parliament about the upcoming summit, said there will be need to consider the issue.The proposal is to run Africa federally as pertains in the United States of America.AU members states have been asked to deliberate on the issue ahead of the summit and to come up with steps needed to be taken to reach the goal. Ghana’s Parliament will debate the matter in May.The Accra Summit will also seek to address the composition of the AU Executive and a replacement for Alpha Konare who has indicated he intends to step down as a AU Presient.The African Peer Review Mechanism will also be on the menu of the summit and the unresolved business of pockets of conflicts in parts of the continent.Also in Parliament, President Kufuor’s recent round trip to Britain, Portugal and Algeria also came up for mention with the Minority raising issues about the President's failure to inform Parliament of his visit to Portugal.

Mozambican president urges prudence on 'United States of Africa'

Mozambican President Armando Guebuza has said it would be precipitate to simply declare the existence of a "United States of Africa" at the current stage.
Before reaching any such stage there were the existing agendas (national, regional and international) to which countries had committed themselves, but which had not yet been implemented, a report of Mozambique News Agency from Maputo quoted Monday the president as saying.
Guebuza advised a great deal of careful consideration before embarking on such an ambitious project when he spoke to Mozambican journalists shortly before leaving the Libyan city of Sirte, where he had attended celebrations of the seventh anniversary of the African Union on.
The abolition of the current African frontiers would depend on each of the peoples of the countries concerned, he said.
It is not so much African leaderships that should decide on transforming the continent into a single state with a single government, he said.
He said that when sub-regional bodies such as Southern African Development Community had become successful, they might serve as platforms for the much broader integration of the entire continent into a "United States of Africa."
It is the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who has championed the idea of a "United States of Africa." During Saturday's anniversary celebrations he called for the establishment of this new continental body by a simple decree from the existing African heads of state.
He openly condemned those who regard the idea with skepticism, and said they should be forced to accept it. He claimed that those who oppose the "United States of Africa" are motivated by a wish to maintain their current privileges.

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Are you talking about the USSA (United Socialists States of Africa)?
My topic bears the message.
Posted By Pur'gu Sarpe

ideal concept
Before europe could even think of EEC Dr Nkrumah had already proposed this idea to the African community.Ofcourse it would been easier due to less conflict and economic strain in most newly indepent African countries count. However we have to interpret the concept to suit present day realities on the continent. Unity didnt come to America and Europe on a silver plata. My suggestion is, if two or three African countries are ready to uinte their economies and political systems they should proceed and I believe the benefits will attract other nations. In terms of economic and political stability, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa can set the ball rolling towards forming the first united countries. I also want to point out that, Real Modern Africans are those living in sub saharan Africa. North Africans are Africans by conquest and annexation of the African continent.They are cross over Arabs. They have formed their own alliances with other Arab countries.
Posted By yxhomma

Let's change the wheel
This call seems to be in right direction because it fruit will help in reducing the ethnic’s political ideologist that has tassel in Africa political terrain. I know this will bring political disintegration going in Ghana and other part of African to curtailment and we shall see each other as one instead of decisive political climate we are witnessing today. Talking about who is going to be the head, l think this is not a big issue our leaders need to learn how to sell their opinions to the electorate colleges which will be different from tribal votes. Ethnical conglomerations in political terrain will be reviving to provide better and productive services to the whole Africa country. Qualified candidates can not canvass on tribal and pigmentation; instead they will find some thing thoughtful to tell the electorate college.
Posted By Simon

US what?
it seems our leaders in the countries have really lost focus.The idea is not bad, but how is it going to be imlemented?It is better we become innovative than alays following others blindly, if not copying them exactly.Charity I think, begins at home.Hence, we should unite ghana,first,then west africa before we move on to africa.We have to bite what we can chew
Posted By papafio

USA No. 2
"United States Of Africa" Is this a dream or a vision? This truly reveals the short-sighted, lack-of-vision leaders (or is it would-be leaders?) we have. How can you even conceive the idea of USA 2 when you cannot even deal with the strife in your own neighbourhood? As someone just said, you don't even know how to craw, and now you say you want to run. Get real, and stop talking like a child who doesn't know what he is talking about, future president of Ghana! Do you really have a vision for Ghana?
Posted By Kwaku Asiamah

Posted By NII

United States of Africa
Perhaps "Association of African States" would be both more realistic and less difficult to avoid confusion of name aith United States of America.
Posted By Norbert A. Aminzia

Be Leaders!
I will start my submission by quoting a very important statement made by someone I respect as a statesman of Africa - Margaret Johnson Hilili of Abuja. She say "A man who thinks he has good leadership qualities should first assess how peaceful his home is". Indeed, if constituting a United States of Africa is the top agenda of this year's AU summit, I register my utmost disappointment. If we cannot ensure peace and stability in our mother Africa, how do we think of constituting a union such as that of America? Not to go too far, the AU itself is a good starting point for our assessment on the prospects of such a Union. If even within the AU, Zimbabwe and Sudan do not conform to rules and regulations, how could we be thinking of a United Africa at this time? I think I agree totally with the many people who believe that our leaders should first learn to walk before they run. Actually, I'll bring it to first learning to crawl before walking. This is the reason I believe young people should concentrate on developing the leadership base of Africa for a start. At least that way, we do not stand the risk of suffering at the hands of over ambitious presidents like those who seek forming US of Africa in a time when war and disturbance plagues Africa. Let's all think about this.
Posted By A. Y. Kuwornu

US of Africa
Africa and its people have suffered and continue to suffer as individual entities. It will be a dream come true for some of us if at least Black Africa should see sense to unite. It should just take forty two or so heads of states to passionately embrace this noble idea to make it a reality. Please, Please, Please make this happen for the benefit of the children of black Africa who are the most down-trodden and most exploited on earth. Together we stand, divided we fall. Long Live Black Africa
Posted By Ekow Reperkwa

US of Africa
Who will be the President of the United States of Africa. Will we ever be able to determine without further blood shed, who becomes the president. Au cant even handle Sudan , Congo and also looks on while Mugabe is turning the continent into a laughing stock. It is good to dream big but nine before ten
Posted By Kwame Asante

Its No News
It’s no news to hear this again and again because most, if not all African leaders believe in names or names of positions more than the responsibilities they have ahead of them. Our leaders will continue to meet, wearing their well sawn coats, sit in fantastic cars, eat sumptuous food, sleep in 7 star hotels, shake hands with beautiful women and handsome men of the world with a big smile that could only be shown to outsiders or outside their suffering countrymen and women. But nothing much will happen to us unless our leaders start being responsible and consider the needs of their people first before anybody else, either blue or green from anywhere in the world. They all want to show the so called donors that all is well in the country. GOD FORGIVE US AND BE WITH US ALL AS SOME OF US HAVE STARTED COMING BACK TO OUR SENSES. Long Live Ghana, Live Africa and Long Live The Dream of KWAME NKRUMAH
Posted By Spencer

but these african leaders paaa,if they don't have anything to discuss they should just do their usual cocktail and go back to their countries.are they serious atall
Posted By alangbai

Waste of Time
People of Dagbon cannot even settle their differences and you want a US of Africa. AU! do what you have to do and stop talking trash. Condemn Mugabe before anyone takes you serious!
Posted By Nebu

Window dressing United States of Africa
I will believe it when I see it. Forward Ever! Nkrumah Never Dies!
Posted By Yaw Adu-Asare

USA ? oh mine
Please let us our leaders be realistic for once. Even how united is West Africa-ECOWAS? What about East Africa. How do you deal with North Africa states who want to be part of EU. Do you think you can have troops to deals with guys like Zimbabwe and Sudan heads of state. Realistically form regional blocks-ECOWAS, Eastern Africa Block, Southern, Northern Africa etc, Then the blocks can join after 2115 AD. Please resource SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY to deal with and eradicate MALARIA AND HUNGER. Africa leaders learn to walk before you attempt to run. I hope you guys know the history of United States of America. They have one language and one skin color, yet, it was bloody. Once again please you should think of regional blocks, strong inter trade relationship and economic growth and the rest will follow. Nana Akuffo Addo if you want to be the President of Ghana, be more serious. First speak against Mugabe and Sudan.
Posted By Akwasi, US

What is the difference between the AU and the USA? Why won't the AU leaders try the idea of the AU for sometime before the begin to think og making changes? It appears to me that the AU leaders are not focused and come up with dreamed ideas each time. Only yersday the OAU gave birth to the AU and the pre-mature AU is expecting a new birth. This is teenage pregnancy.
Posted By Che Andrew

Bunch of jokers
African leaders, if in deed this idea is high on their agenda, must be a buch of jokers and fantacists. They even find it hard to maintain the loose union, how much more a united states. They should rather focus on what is realistic to achieve rather than trying to do the impossible.
Posted By Dankwah-London

good idea but..
Africa's quest for an accelerated development will remain a mirage if it continues to push forward in its current fragmented form. This notwithstanding, the striking divisions based on ethnic, religious, political, and ideological lines must be overcome if such a United States must work. We must learn to crawl before we begin to run.
Posted By Alim, Toronto

Konaré sees need for a 'United States of Africa

A "United States of Africa" could help ensure the development of smaller, weaker African countries and the continent as a whole, according to Alpha Oumar Konaré, president of the African Union Commission and former President of Mali.
"The problems of Africa can not be solved in an isolated way," Dr. Konaré told a standing-room-only audience in the Elizabeth Rose Hall at UNU Tokyo July 24. "We need integration. We need solidarity."
He said that the continent's developing awareness of the need for integration and solidarity was not a threat to national sovereignty but rather an opportunity to face the real threats to sovereignty: multinational corporations and international financial institutions. "We cannot even draft a budget in our countries without their approval," Dr. Konaré said.
Dr. Konaré affirmed that the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) had created movement throughout Africa and had helped to put the continent back on the world agenda. He rejected the popular image of Africa as "a continent of AIDS, a continent of hunger, a continent of coup d'état. If we focus solely on the images presented by the media, we can only be sceptical if not desperate."
The lecture was introduced by UNU Rector Hans van Ginkel who described the framework developed at TICAD III within which UNU and the African Diplomatic Corps in Tokyo focus on solutions to Africa's development challenges. "The triangle of concern remains infrastructure, regional integration, and capital flows," Van Ginkel noted.

A.U. Leaders Contemplate a United States of Africa

A.U. Leaders Contemplate a United States of Africa
[Opinion] The E.U. success story a possible inspiration for proposed federation

Amin George Forji (amingeorge)
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Published 2007-03-28 11:53 (KST)

Africa is now in the spotlight like never before, with one very crucial concern of policy makers the world over being how to make the make the continent competitive with others. Although the retardation of growth in the continent can be blamed on both external and internal factors, it's the latter that call for greater scrutiny. With all the countries in the continent now independent, it goes without saying that they have since then had the yam and the knife in their own hands to dictate their own policies. But instead, they chose to rule with an iron fist, misappropriating their own resources in compliance with foreign exploiters. In fact, Africa has for so long lagged behind that she has been characterized as the latecomer to development.

After decades of dictatorship and authoritarian rule, it is only now that the wind of change has begun to blow across the continent, and several countries are beginning to embrace democracy as a system of governance. It's increasingly becoming more and more possible to change governments through the ballot box, and moreover, the protection and promotion of human rights has now become an agenda in static policies as well. These developments are beginning to be reflected too in issues affecting pan-Africa. The six-year-old African Union (A.U.) has already been praised for making a giant step in the right direction by increasing intervention in African crises, unlike it's defunct predecessor, the Organization of African Unity (O.A.U.), which was more or less a toothless bull dog. The A.U. has also grown to become one of the most important actors in international politics, as well as taking a definite stand on prominent issues rocking the continent.In fact, one of the most ambitious projects on the table right now is to move from the African Union to the "United States Of Africa" (U.S.A.). The incumbent chairman of the A.U.'s Assembly of Heads of State, President John Kuffour of Ghana, and chairman of the African Commission, Malian born Alpha Oumar Konare have already put forward the proposal to all the 53 members of the organization for reflection before the next summit this July in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. "All member states have been asked to critically examine the issue ahead of the summit and to come up with steps needed to ensure its actualization." Akufo-Addo, Ghana's Minister of Foreign Affairs, whose sitting president currently chairs the union, recently made the revelation to the Ghanaian parliament.According to the plan, loosely modeled after the United States of America (U.S.A.), all African countries would henceforth constitute just one single federal state, with 54 federated states (including Morocco which is presently not a member of the A.U.). Moreover, all the federated states would have a single integrated defense force, common currency, and all other institutions of state. Above all, the whole of Africa would be transformed into a common market, with no travel restrictions for African nationals.Each African parliament is now expected to debate it before the July summit. The Ghanaian parliament has already announced that it will begin debating the issue from its May session.But just how realistic is this dream?Realistic or Not?It is important to reflect on some of the stakes involved in this move to a United Africa. It should be recalled that this is not the first time that the option has been put on table. In fact, even before the European Economic Community (E.E.C.) was born, the Ghanaian nationalist and pioneer president, Kwame Nkrumah in 1963 had proposed during the pioneer summit of the Organization of African Unity (O.A.U.) in Addis Ababa, that Africa should defy the odds of colonialism by constituting itself under one country."Not one of us working singly and individually can successfully attain the fullest development. Only a united Africa functioning under a union government can forcefully mobilize the material and moral resources of our separate countries and apply them efficiently and energetically to bring a rapid change in the conditions of our people." Nkrumah suggested. But that option was blown aside like a candle in the wind. Why would the same same countries that rejected unification 43 years ago want to make a u-turn now? Would such unity be one of strength or weakness? If anything, I can only say that the last thing that a struggling Africa needs at the moment is unity in weakness.But how can unity be ensured in a continent where some of the worst humanitarian conflicts in places such as Darfur and Somalia are still ongoing?The answer may lie in Europe, which is a veritable success story. Before it could ever become a reality, Europe had been rocked by two bitter world wars, but the lessons of its successful "unification" has been that economic integration is the only policy that truly works. Most African conflicts will ultimately disappear if they suddenly consider unity as a means, and not as an end. Unity definitely has the potential to reinforce and accelerate the reaching of ends, provided those ends are not betrayed. On a personal note, I suggest that instead of the United States of Africa (U.S.A.), it should be called the States of United Africa (S.U.A.) to make a distinction from the current popular acronym U.S.A., which stands for the United States of America.If I were to give any further counsel, I would humbly recommend that Africans hasten this rush to achieve unity on the whole continent. It will create miracles that the authors themselves never envisaged. Long live the newfound continent Africa..