Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Khadaffi praised for promoting a United States of Africa

The Chairman of the African Union (AU) Commission, Alpha Omar Konare praised the pioneering role of the Libyan Leader in promoting the march of the AU towards the establishment of the United States of Africa.

In a speech, delivered on the occasion of signing a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation between the AU and the Republic of Venezuela in Caracas, Konare said: "The outbreak of Great Al-Fatah Revolution in Libya is the most important factor that led to the establishment of the AU as a historical strategical achievement for Africa that has begun its march in the city of Sirte on 9/9/99 and it is still progressing towards the establishment of a united Africa with its political, economic, financial, media and cultural institutions".Africa is determined to advance through the AU towards more integration, highlighting Africa's strong will and resources that entitle it to play a strategic role in the world, he added.The Minister of Foreign Relations in Venezuela, Nicholas Medora, underlined that signing this agreement between the AU and his country reflects a new direction in Venezuela's foreign policy depending on the principle of South- South cooperation particularly between the Latin and African continents.The Libyan leader is largely responsible for the creation of the new African Union which comprises all 53 states of Africa and replaced the former Organisation of African Unity (OAU).
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28 Sep 2006 00:39 UTC [HELP]
The Internet coalition that prompted Gadaffi's United States of Africa mandate
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Mark Wood (IP: Logged) HELPIP:

The truth should at least be known as to why Khadaffi adapted the United States of Africa mandate.Our Internet Coalition USA4USAfrica which I founded in January 1996 has copies of the original faxes and e-mails we sent to Lybia's consulate, embassy and state offices here, directly to Lybian newspapers and media links in the web internet's early days of 1996 - 1998 - some of these were forwarded to Khadaffi and gained his attention after which he immediately gave news releases to CNN which was the first worldwide media attention the current efforts of a US Africa movement have received. All documented - see the usa4usafrica website:

Absolute proof Gadaffi was inspired to a United Africa from our initial contacts
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Mark Wood (IP: Logged) HELPIP:

Please understand I am not a glory hog on who statred the 3rd generation push for a United Africa, but when internet archive records prove the organization I started was the 1st Internet based coalition to united Africa as one nation to appear on the web for that purpose. Internet archive snapshots date our first website for a united Africa in 1996 a full two years before Khadaffi first gained media attention on the mandate that is now getting on the radar maps of the world's media. The major factions of which still refuse to even mention the words United States of Africa on network TV in the US let alone in print.our original site for the movement: still shows on most search engines on any search regarding united africa, united states of africa, and especially on searches for mark wood, united states of africa and unitedstatesafrica period.I feel we should at least be acknowledges for our efforts that continue today at and our sub set websites.


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