Saturday, August 19, 2006

a United Africa

I am one of those who think that Africans must be respected in the first place.

All my school years I have read extensively about the history of Africa beforecoming to Canada. Now I am a graduate with a Master of education degree ofwhich I would like to teach history and politics where ever I go.One way ofdoing things could be through educating the people about the significance ofthe respect that human beings deserve (including Africans). We are trying toestablish a Pan-Africanist University in South Sudan,but we are beingconstained by lack of funds.However, we are hopeful that one day it will bedone.Please let me know if there will be such a help in the United States ofAmerica. We are looking for friends all over the world. Additionally, I wouldlike to join the Pan-Africanist movement and if you could, keep me intouch.Thank you.Dominic


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