Tuesday, August 22, 2006

To be prosperous in whatever we do is the sign of TRUE WEALTH. We may be wealthy in not only having money, but in spirit and health. It is the most helpful agency toward a self satisfying life. One lives, in an age like this, nearer perfection by being wealthy than by being poor. To the contended soul, wealth is the stepping stone to perfection; to the miser it is the nearest avenue to hell. I would prefer to be honestly wealthy, than miserably poor. - Marcus Mosiah Garvey

PAAA Note: First of all WE are ALL Africans. Therefore we, as Africans, need to stop this separation from each other because we think some kind of geographical location has changed our DNA. Science now makes it possible for most, if not ALL, Africans of the Diaspora, to determine which ethnic groups they derived from on the continent in the first place. Therefore the idea that has been floated around to Africans of the Diaspora that we cannot determine which group we come from no longer holds water. However Bro. Oguchi is correct about the Diaspora's understanding of current issues pertaining to African politics and social conditions. We do not know and how would we unless individuals like him share information that is normally filtered out of our knowledge base. For those of us who are long time Pan-Africanists who have traveled to the continent and who have lived on the continent, we know that African nation-states censure information to favor whichever ethnic group holds power in the the government. Those of us who are long time poltiical Pan-Africanists are very much aware of these issues but many Africans of the Diaspora, who have no knowledge of the poltiical and social issues raging on the continent have good intentions for Africa without a pragmatic understanding of the politics of Africa. That is why the PAAA stands for grassroots African people while watching what the people have to actually say about their governments on the ground. Just because Nkrumah and Azikiwe harped on Pan-Africanism does not make Pan-Africanism no less important that white men who harp on democracy. There is nothing wrong with the ideal. It is the character defects of men that we must guard against in pursuing the goal. However we in the Diaspora cannot be held accountable for what we do not know until those of the continent teach us differently. Pan-Africanism was in existence before Nkrumah or Azikiwe were born. It predates them however both have shared significant thoughts on how to go about building it. Therefore Bro. Oguchi renders us a great service by sharing his critical views so that we pursue the ideal of Pan-Africanism, understanding all of the warts, sores, wounds that have emerged due to our blundering and naive approaches to helping it evolve. Another thing for our brothers and sisters to understand is that we are all media blind. Unless you share speeches of leaders on the continent, chances are we never read them or hear them. And the same goes in reverse. Most continental Africans never read or hear the speeches of African American leaders in this country. Therefore we are mutually blind, making mutually ignorant statements that piss each side off all of the time. Bro. Oguchi brings up issues that serious Pan-Africanists cannot avoid. He points out once again that we need to move beyond a cheerleading stage to holding everyone with power on the continent accountable for all of their actions all of the time based on a standard that demands justice for African people whether the perpetrator is of European descent or African descent. Pan-Africanism is not about and has never been about politicians. It is only about what results in the people having better lives because they say their lives are better and not because some official government report says their lives are better. We salute Bro. Oguchi because we understand, in reverse, what it is like when continental African brothers and sisters talk about how great we have it in America while they know nothing of U.S. prison systems, horrendous public schools and second class healthcare systems that ALL just happen to victimize African Americans more than any other populations in the U.S. When those of us in the U.S. open our mouths about Africa there should be less propaganda and more researched truth. And when those of us in Africa open our mouths about Africans in the U.S. there should also be less propaganda and more researched truth. Perhaps when we both do this, we can get to the real ideal of Pan-Africanism that existed before the new African nation-states had emerged from the insanity of the Berlin Conference of 1884.

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