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Subject: Fw: The ongoing dialogue between Bro. Mark and Bro.Oguchi

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Subject: The ongoing dialogue between Bro. Mark and Bro.Oguchi
PAAA Note: In so many cases, over the past two centuries, African minds have debated the issue of African freedom since enslavement and colonialism. It has pitted African against African, not because they disagreed on the end product but because they disagreed on the methodology. We have gone to war with each other over methodology which has usually ended in bitterness and ranquor that was unnecessary. What we know for a fact is that none of what we discuss will take place in a social vaccuum. Globalization is taking place and will continue to take place whether we attempt to unify Africa within the nation-state concept or push for a kind continental anarchy in which each ethnic groups chooses its own relationships on its own terms. White male advocates of neo-liberalism or neo-conservatism are not going to stop whether Africa moves towards a unification that dissolves currents borders as Bro. Mark envisions it or as Bro. Oguchi would prefer that everything be thrown out so that we can start over again in pursuit of the ideal liberty and freedom. Within the context of white supremacy either idea serves as a threat to white supremacy moreso than the debate of religious issues. In both cases white supremacy is the grand manipulator and it will test all ideas as they pertain to its ability to ensure its economic. political and miltiary power in the world. In the end anything that currently takes place in Africa is always affected by the interests of white males and any debate on unification or anarachist orientation cannot avoid the gorrilla in the middle of the room. White males will monitor all work towards African unification to determine the affect it will have on free market trade and western physical security. Even if we are able to return to each ethnic group to its own internal power, white males will continue to monitor this internal power and ensure that conflicts between them are available to keep them from building any kind of internal policies that are not pro-western in nature. So what are African people left to do? If we do nothing we are guaranteed economic slavery in the 21st century. If we do anything, we know that it will be resisted if it appears to threaten the values of white male power in the world. One thing is for certain, we, as African people, whether on the continent or in the Diaspora, face the same issue of white supremacy and whatever we do, we need to understand that we will do it together or we suffer together. Bro. Mark approaches his ideals from his historical experience and Bro. Oguchi approaches his ideals from his historical experience. Neither experience invalidates the other. Both are interested in the welfare of African people, and regardless of how heated their discussion become, both must acknowledge this interest. In the end what we do in terms of practical organzing will affect the process. Therefore whenever we have an idea that we are passionate about, we are required to put forth a plan of action. Unless ethnic groups in Africa can protect themselves from the cultural, material and value systems of the west, this notion of them following their own individual interests is a pipe dream. Their children will follow MTV, Hollywood and Stanford University. A United States of Africa that does no generate a natural African way of poltiical organization, will also only end in western domination as it adheres to globalization policies that will keep it dependent on the IMF, World Bank and G8 policies of assistance. Bro. Mark and Bro. Oguchi need each other and regardless of how futile the exercise may seem to be It is only when the two stop talking that White surpremacy has won.


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