Saturday, August 26, 2006


My Brother:Your presentation has won my soul.

When I was in Law school in 1968, I became aware of what we need to do but one tree does not make a forest so I met Chancellor Williams then 75 year old and I was 29. By 1970, the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AFRICA (SADA) AFRICANIZATION SOCIETY was formed and obtained the 501(C)(3) was obtained. All righteousness must be fulfilled. Since then the road has been slow. I am for your proposal as a program to push the ideas you have expressed in USA. USA for USA is a must but how many us will buy into it? I am willing to put in all the EXPERIENCE that I have obtained. You seem to possess a very deep understanding of what we must do. There are statements in your presentations that go beyond entrapments and unwary and CIA or FBI infiltrated negative minds. My wife and I are willing to meet you and take a step in the direction of USA for USA as a program not as an organization for my experience has shown that there are white Americans who are serious about Africa and of course, the African Americans, the Diaspora Africans and the continental Africans are waiting for the right people, the right time to assert their AFRICANITY. With God on our side and a good plan instead of a hurriedly and unprepared efforts, USA for USA is a must and I am ready.



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