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SADA says not every body is given the perception to know what makes human beings live a better life. Men who prefer to stick to pre colonial Africa turn to be science students. They really do not see that tribal groups are important to all humanity because tribes represent the original or natives of the land. But we cannot live under the tribal concept because in 1776 the year of the Americans (Anno Americano- AM 1=1776), a new concept of human governance was born.

To SADA, "AD 1" cannot be compered to compered with AM 1, because AD 1 is for calander but AM 1 is for human governance and the Africans I have met during my 68 years of life only prefer AD 1, because most of us are Westernized and take AM 1 for granted. Organized societies really is the key. We can dream of organizing Africa based on tribal basis but that is a bit too late. We are now in the free market era and American democracy is the only system that our masters have permitted us to organized even the present Africa. So to try to think of Africa coming into the tribal governance is a bit too much to imagine. We had OAU which no nation recognized. Now we have AU which the most powerful nation USA is now recognizing by sending an emmissary to the AU. Africa is moving forward with the present system and whether brother Oguchi Nkwocha, MD, Biafra, A Biafran Citizen, is aware of it or not it is irrelevant because most defeated Southern States in US try not to recognize USA. They still try to fly their own defeated flag.

We need Africa Unity, African currency, African Army, Africa Parliament with its Africa Courts, whether good or bad we must live as one people under one flag. However the tribal groupings in Africa must be carefully guided. There can be no Africa without the indegenous prople. Going to Africa means going to a tribe. The land is full of tribes. Each with its own language and natural endowments-culture. If we do not get the Africa Unity to preserve the tribes, most tribes will die of poverty, Western influence and ignorance.



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