Thursday, August 24, 2006

PAAA Note: While we agree, wholeheartedly, with the article below (and many Africans of the Diaspora also agree), the idea of a United Africa has different perspectives on the continent itself. For some in Africa, a United Africa is not inclusive of Africans of the Diaspora as partners in the process. While it wants their resources, talents and financial support, there are no policies in any governments to facilitate the involvement of the Diaspora in the process. African governments are known for their mounds of fabricated red tape that generally help white concerns while hindering Diaspora concerns. Others in Africa who are also not interested in the notion of Diaspora repatriation for numerous political reasons. If Diaspora Africans are granted full dual citizesnship rights two issues may arise. One they can bring in a western classist system that could result in what happened in Liberian history where African American ancestors repatriated and developed a classist system that reflected everything that is wrong with EuroAmerican society in the area of human justice and discrimination. They returned home and discriminated against the ethnic groups that were original to the Liberia region. The other problem in repatriation is that it might attract Diaspora activists who might want to challenge the political status of Africans who now control the politics of various nation-states. Full citizenship rights would allow Diaspora Africans to run for office, shape policy and threaten those Africans who now have poliitical power and who control the economic direction of their nations. In addition to this such repatriation would also threaten the business relationships that so many European firms, banks and other investors have in various nation-states, and some political Africans might be cut off from their under-the-table money, and other advantages they recieve from European and American companies that lobby them on a regular basis. In any case once we move beyod the ideal of repatriation, we have to confront the reality of what it could mean in terms of continental African status quo and the values that the Diaspora might bring into African countries. Asante to Bro. Mark Wood for his continual devotion to the idea of a United Africa.


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