Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hi Mark,

I was going to give you update this weekend. Thanks for your update. I have been busy with the micro loans project so was unable to get festival operations going. We will start now for it to take place next year 2007 which will be the 50th Anniversary of Ghana independence from British Colonialism.

It would be the best way to outflank all the agents of Neocolonialism in Ghana and Africa.
We decided that we are going to celebrate that Dr. kwame Nkrumah's birthday in Oakland and the event will take place on September 30, 2006 at Cafe Axe Cultural Center in, 1525 Webster Street downtown Oakland.

From 8pm-2am. We will like you to attend and we are thinking of inviting Adewole John from London to attend. It was a short notice decision. Please check http://www.coaforum.comn/ get a report of grants for micro loans. Just sent more money to Senegal for new micro loan startups.
Will call later.
Yaya Fanusie-COA


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