Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dear Mr. Wood,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the United States of Africa; as you may or may not be aware I believe in the ultimate unification of Africa for ideological and psychological reasons. The fact that foreigners came and partitioned Africa is stain on all people of Africa and of African origin, that shame assumes a preposterous effect when we recall that the western part of the motherland was demarcated purely and solely for the efficacy of the slave trade.

Everyday we wake up whether in Los Angeles,Accra,Lagos Dakar or Detroit it celebrates the white man hold on us as subject peoples on a plain practical level all talk of the African in the 21st century is nothing but hot air if we as a people do not embrace science and technology to propel our industrial revolution which will see us for the first time in 500 years transforming natural objects into man made items and for that we need a Market to protect. So the idea of a Union Government is not far fetched as it seems.

Now your choice of Mr. Anan as its first president fills me with laughter I was taking you seriously until I got to that juncture; please tell me what Mr. Anan has done towards the cause of panAfricanism perhaps I have been living in a different planet. Is this not what is wrong with Africans we talk about the project we've not yet finish how it would look like, but we move with alacrity on who should lead.

Yours in Shock,
John Adewole


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