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Dear Elder Bro. Kofi,

I am glad that you have broughyt all of this up because it is a dialogue that needs to opened in a honest way. I beg to disagree with you that we have no leaders. To only mention the NAACP and the Urban league discounts other existing Nationalists and Pan-Africanists organizations that have existed in this country for many years. However even the behavior of Africanists has implied that such organizations were not legitimate organizations for Africa to be involved with and implies that organizational legitimacy resides in having acquired a legal non-profit status alone. This thinking, in and of itself, reminds us that to think in terms of these concepts only weakens our ability to see beyond our social and cultural cages. While I do not necessarily endorse the following organizations, they do exist and are legitimate enough in their own right to enter into dialogue with African heads-of-state and other African government officials who come to the U.S.: The Nation of Islam, The US Organization, NCOBRA, UNIA &ACL, The PAAA, Harambee Radio, LIBRadio, The Black Think Tank, Third World Press, African World Press, The National Black United Front, The Association for African Civilizathe Study of tions, The AAPRP, The Organization of Afro-American Unity, The African Independent Schools, etc.

These are only a few that come to mind. They represent aspects of the African presence in America that have shown some kind of loyalty to Africa that deserves recognition and communications from continental African leadership. However this kind of leadership is generally ignored by continental Africans who put more faith in the U.S. Constitution than they do the miracle of organizations that have resisted oppression in the U.S. and who have upheld the belief in a unified and strong Africa in some shape, form or fashion. Some of these organizations have been visiting Africa for many years now and still everyone claims that no one knows about any of them in Africa. I find that hard to believe to say the least. The problem with continental African thinking is that it continues to use the standards of white supremacy to determine what constitutes legitimacy in organization. Legitimacy of anything is only determined by people who recognize its legitimacy and not by the government rules of is oppressor.

Today the problem with continental Africans is that they base their legitimacy on the rules handed over to them by the ex-colonial rulers. Therefore this rationale that continental Africans only see us as Americans is just as sad as Europeans only seeing us as a slave commodity. The injustice done the diaspora rest with the continent and the white male who still continue to disown us outside of what we provide materialistically to their advantages. LA RAZA only speaks for some Mexican people in the U.S.. It does not speak for nor represent Cubans, Salvadorians, Peruvians, Venezualans, Puero Ricans, etc. La Raza is simply another kind of NAACP. If it was doing an effective job for Mexican people there would not be an immigration issue today.

While I believe some of your points to be somewhat weak, I do believe that your fundamental idea is sound about organization, yet if this process is to become a lobbying process to entice continental Africans to embrace us and see our connection to them, then we are in deep trouble globally and Africa will never be indpendent of its current enslavement to white male supremacy which too many educated continental Africans are in denial about. Neo-colonialism still rules Africa because current African leadership has been educated in western universities to uphold western neo-colonial power in Africa. The problem with too many African heads-of-state and other government officials is that they are elitists and have come from traditions of elitism provided in some ethnic traditions and many colonial systems. That white male elitism has told them that they are different from Africans in the U.S. and that because they are legitimate holders of nation-state power does not require them to see African Americans who are not of this elite status. In reality they are only legitimate heads of nation-states because the white male determines that it is easier to manipulate the poverty of their governments rather use the hand of military imperialism.

What I say is not a reflection of grassroots continental African people but of those who have been seduced by white male parties, white hous appearances, gifts, etc. When African states were emerging from colonialism, they were led, in most cases, by revolutionary leaders who were not caught up in such elitist attitudes. Those revolutionary leaders were eventually removed by white male interests in conjunction with individual African self-interests parading as more sober minded thinkers. Today Africa has inherited a neo-colonialist leadership that is in need of another continental wide revolution of Global Black Nationalism and Pan-African oriented political ideology. If we have to appeal to current heads-of-state, who can always remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X while forgetting everyone else, then we must confront them as we did apartheid. Because now they represent a different kind of apartheid that is rooted in classism and elitism taught to them and promoted to them by those who have enslaved us and exploited us to no end.

I love the grassroots people of Africa. I do not have a great deal of respect for those who rule African nation-states. Pehaps working with SADA, we can eradicate my current feelings however my observations have come over a period of years, not days. Our organization is open to working with SADA to the degree that we can speak truth from our perspective, understanding that we have no intention of wining and dining those who would prefer to see us as American in order to protect their financial assistance from the U.S. government. However for the record, we have Nationalists and Pan-Africanists community leadership throughout this nation that African leaders should be speaking to every time they come to the U.S.. If they are so ignorant of such organizations, then we need forumlate a list of them that exist in each city in the U.S. and provide the ambassodor of each nation with a list that is hand carried and placed in his hand while another copy is turned over to the president, prime mininster or leader for life of each African nation. It is a simple task that can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. Once they have this list and continue the same behaviors, we can then confirm that they are neo-colonialist slaves which will then allow us to devise the next step in how to connect with the grassroots of Africa while avoiding them in the first place. Perhaps when that it recognized we can then begin to build an Africa that our children can look forward to here and there.

Yours in African Ascendancy,
Bro. Baye
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From: Mark Wood

Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 9:39 PMSubject: Fw: Africa without African AmericansPAN-AFRICAN ASSOCIATIONS OF AMERICA FORWARDPAAA Note: Asante to Bro. Mark Wood for this information. At some point we hope this reaches African heads-of-state and their various government officials who come to the U.S. on a yearly basis to meet with white society while never networking with local African American communities and leaders at any significant level. Until these individuals begin to understand that they are morally required to meet African American communities and community leaders, nothing much will change. How many times do African government officials come to various urban areas to study white governing structures while never contacting local African American leadership for any kind of intimate sit-downs?This is my first comment on the above statement. What you have presented above is so important in our relationships with African and African leaders that I have taken this time to comment on it because we have assumed so much on the issue of African and its descendants. I will comment on brother Ezrah Aharone statement as a continuation of this presentation. PAN-AFRICAN ASSOCIATIONS OF AMERICA FORWARDPAAA STATEMENT: Note: Asante to Bro. Mark Wood for this information: SADA COMMENT: Brother Wood has in the past presented some critical information that let me believe that he was about action, all my efforts to reach him by phone was in vain. Is he an agent of the system to divert our attention to trivialities as it was done during the black power movements in the 1960s? Is he serious? Why will a brother; black or white be so concerned on Africa, yet he refuses to respond to inquiries that will enable us to help ourselves. Note that there are people in USA who believe that blacks only means danger to whites. This is nonsense. Blacks are down. Africans are down all over the world and we need help from all colors of God's children; blacks, reds, yellows and whites. The information normally presented by brother Wood are so important that I felt he is a genius to do what he has done. I really admire him and I pray he will be with us to eternity. Such men and women blacks as well as whites are the materials for doing something good for society. I really appreciate brother Wood and the way his mind works for Africa and on Africa. We have too much written critical information on our plight; documented by men and women blacks as well as white, men like brother Wood.. What we need are men and women blacks or whites who are willing to take the necessary step to form an organized social membership organization for Africans in USA to be able to pass on information from generation to generation. This is what makes the Western civilization unique. Those who are not willing to organize a 501(C)(3) paid membership corporation in conformity with our laws are just wasting time. One time I talked to Justice Marshall what was his legacy that he was leaving for us. He responded that he failed us because, the civil rights and integration movements which he championed in the courts: Brown v. Board of Education; were defeated by the Republican Contract With America. His legendry records in USA legal history can only be understood by future Americans. Justice Marshall is a giant in social engineering. He was one of the best legal minds our nation has produced. May he rest in perpetual peace. I asked him why he did not form a social institution to implement his concepts. He said the Negroes were not ready for social institution. If we are not ready in 1980s when are we going to be ready? Never!!!!If you consider the fact that B' Nai Brith for the Jews was formed in 1843 and LARAZA for the Latinos was formed in 1980, to function like SADA formed in 1970 for Africans, then we are just non caring, insensitive to our history if in the 21st Century we are incapable of organize a social organization under freedom of association and free speech of the USA Constitution to help our people. I do not believe that the 40 million Africans in American cannot form an institution to pass on information to our posterity. Let us try. Visit us at sada-13.orgPAA STATEMENT: At some point we hope this reaches African heads-of-state and their various government officials who come to the U.S. on a yearly basis.SADA COMMENT: This statement is the crux of the whole matter of Africa without African Americans. The heads of states in Africa have no concept of African Americans. At best they see Africans in America as Americans. We have to make them realize that there are African descendants in USA who are willing to welcome them when they are here in USA. We have to make the necessary arrangements to reach them or they have no idea what to do with us in USA. Take the Jews, before a minister come to USA, the B' Nai Brith had already announce in the radio and TVs that they are going to meet him. They also make dinners, dances, shows with personalities from Israel. B' Nai Brith has a 12 story building at 17 Street and Rhode Island Avenue N.W. Washington, DC where Jewish man and women work 24-seven- 365 days in the year. If we are not willing to institutionalized our efforts so that we can call upon the African governments then we are wasting our time and our children will not be better off than we are. PAA STATEMENT: to meet with white society while never networking with local African American communities and leaders at any significant level. SADA COMMENT: You will not believe that there are no leaders in African communities. Name some of our leaders? The Black Congressional members are not our leaders. They are about their local constituencies. They have no time messing with African presidents who come here. There is not a single institution in our community that is geared to building relationships with Africa. Not Africare. Please disabuse your mind thinking we have leaders who will take our cause in pursuit of our welfare. The African presidents, ministers and public officials come here on the invitation of the State Department or one of the World Institutions; world bank or International monetary systems or the United Nations. They come with a visa for a particular purpose. They come here with an agenda. We can invite them here from Africa but who are we. As disorganized slaves we have been rendered to think in individualities to the neglect of ourselves as a group of people. Each for him/herself and God for us all. Our social history is replete that we act in an unplanned and uncoordinated ways. We rush to do things like children. Note that USA is an organized society for group interest and Africans in America have no group interest in USA because we have no organized social unit except thru the churches and the mosques. Most of us just live here and die lamenting on what had happened to us without doing anything about it..PAA STATEMENT: Until these individuals begin to understand that they are morally required to meet African American communities and community leaders, nothing much will change. SADA COMMENT: Which individuals? The head of states? You are kidding me. The Negroes from Africa have no intention of reaching African Americans. They are about the game of getting foreign aids for their countries. They will never, ever call on Africans in America until we make efforts to reach them. They consider African Americans as Americans, not Africans. They are interested to some extent in us, but by international laws they cannot come to us simply because we are descendants of Africa. No. We have to make efforts to reach them and they may reciprocate if they have any common sense in them. Most of them are here for money and if you cannot give them money, you are out.PAA STATEMENT: How many times do African government officials come to various urban areas to study white governing structures while never contacting local African American leadership for any kind of intimate sit-downs?SADA COMMENT: You have assumed too much. Your understanding of the International relations among the states is limited. These officials come here as I said before on a visa to do specific thing with the various branches of our governments and sometimes with the private companies. There is very little information on African Americans that will enable them to reach us. But even if they want t reach us, where should they go? Where in USA are the Africans organized. We are like no man's land. We only belong to USA and not to ourselves or to each other. We think we are organized, but that is not so. NAACP is not for us, the Urban League is not for us in the sense that they do not represent our interest. You cannot call any number in USA if you are in trouble and ask for help. Think of what I have just said. Where in the US can you call for information on Africa? Even the newly arrivals, the Latinos have a place you can call. They have a national organization the LARAZA, which organized the massive demonstration in Los Angeles. In DC, LARAZA has offices, several of them. I guess they have offices all over the USA. They also have free publication that you can pick them up anywhere in DC. The Jews also have a publication. I am calling upon you to be serious. As a 67-year-old man, it is a shame to me to see that after 400 years of our presence in USA, nobody has made his life to set us a social membership organization to help our people. No, not even W.E.B. Dubois!! ; And we have men and women; teachers, professors, lawyers, preachers and others like Jonnie Corcoran, who knew what to do but they did not do what we need because to them it does not pay to do what others do to help their people. We have been turned into social utilities and consumers. We must wake up !From: Mark Wood To: Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 9:39 PMSubject: Fw: Africa without African AmericansAfrica without African AmericansBy Ezrah Aharone There's an upsurge of high-level Asian activities in Africa that Africans in America should note. Most recently President Hu Jintao of China visited Nigeria in late April to sign a $4 billion deal to develop oilfields and infrastructure. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi brought an astonishing 121-member delegation of political and business leaders to Ghana on a 3-day visit in early May. A South Korean delegation then arrived in Ghana shortly afterwards to solidify a multimillion dollar infrastructure contract. Why is this relevant? Well, as so-called "African Americans," why aren't we heavily involved in African affairs? What do Asian leaders know about Africa that Black leaders don't know? These questions resonate being that Africa is nowhere incorporated within the Covenant with Black America blueprint. Yes, being besieged with poverty and destabilization, on the surface Africa certainly seems more like a calamity than a remedy. But such thinking overlooks Africa's strategic importance to Western expansion and the fact that we are native to the resource-richest continent on earth, of which all industrialized nations are partially dependant. There is no other historical instance of a formerly enslaved people who valued integration with their former captors to the point where they completely abandon the superior wealth of their own homeland. If Euro-Americans were native to Africa instead of Europe, you can bet that Africa would be "fully developed" today. And there's no way they'd neglect Africa and all its richness just to integrate with us. It's therefore altogether backwards to prioritize our attachment to Euro-Americans above rapprochement with Africa. The disconnect of Black America's human and economic resources from Africa's human and natural resources, contributes to the poverty and powerlessness of us both. Meanwhile, Europeans (and now Asians) entrench themselves deeper and cling to Africa for dear life because their economic and military might cannot otherwise be sustained without Africa's strategic resources. Instead of being spectators as foreign governments and multinationals heist daily tons of resources from our homeland, we should be integral to the production, management, processing, and international distribution of African resources. This is easier said than done since Western "brands of democracy" operate in concert to forestall such arrangements … Colonialism was the graduated continuation of slavery. Colonialism thrived by virtue of slavery's success. Together they comprised a singular force to fuel the dual process of European development and African demise. The interrelation and long-term impact of these "bookend institutions" explain why Europeans reign spaciously atop the present world order, while Africans are scrunched down at the bottom fighting for survival. It's urgent and imperative therefore that all leaders of African descent understand the "geo-strategic economics" of how the world was fashioned into this current state. Otherwise they are, by default, perpetuating a world system rooted in unresolvable inequities. To maintain the current "balance of power," the U.S. government has historically sought to minimize Black America's interactions and impact in Africa. To make sense of this, you must understand that the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements ran concurrent with African Independence Movements. Since resistance to Western injustices was the common denominator to these movements, the U.S. government regarded Black activism in America and the revolutions in Africa as fractional particles of the same struggle - differing only in location and _expression. America guarded against the fractions from operating in parallel, so that no rubbed-off African influences would possibly (God forbid) augment the "Civil Rights Movement" into a "Sovereign Rights Movement." America did experience uncertain moments in 1957 when both Dr. King and Malcolm X attended Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's inauguration in Ghana. It was a frightening omen to see two of the most visionary Black men in America interfacing ideals with the president of the first African nation to seize independence. This unprecedented meeting-of-the-minds between the "formerly enslaved" and "formerly colonized" should have opened a new advent in "world history." But here we are nearly 50 years later, still (psychologically and economically) detached from Africa and still preoccupied with notions of equality, while Asians now prosper from our homeland's wealth.With or without the Covenant, we must fast awaken to the "geo-strategic economics" of this world, or we risk self-induced political extinction. Regardless of how many non-Africans invest in Africa or how far Black America assimilates into Americanization, we'll still face joint-related issues with Africa that require joint-related solutions. The Government of Ghana realizes this fact, and as part of its 50th independence anniversary in 2007, Ghana is subsequently launching the "Joseph Project" (recognizing the Biblical Joseph who triumphed after being enslaved and reunited with his brothers). Among other things, this historic and multifaceted initiative aims to reconcile Diaspora relations and generate wealth for ourselves. Although the unknown and uncharted course of African relations is not a cure-all, the known and well charted course of Americanization is not a cure-all either. Certainly our collective long-term interests as African people would be advanced if we mended both history and relations. Based on the singularity and common origin of our struggles, our interdependency for parallel movements will not vanish with time. Undoubtedly, a nucleus of us will reestablish a significant presence in Africa and ensure that unlike 20th century-Africa, 21st century-Africa will not be an "Africa without so-called African Americans." ~~~~~~~~~~Copyright © 2006 Ezrah AharoneEzrah Aharone is a Scholar of Sovereign Studies and the author of "Pawned Sovereignty: Sharpened Black Perspectives on Americanization, Africa, War and Reparations" He can be reached at .


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