Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Biafran Citizen of The United States of Africa

I read the first part of your last post (see below)--that's all I had time for.

I happen to agree with it. The way to return to our African Roots is to take the path back to our indigenous ethnic nationalities, and cultures and traditions which the Arabs and Europeans using their culture / traditions and religions, and military, took away from our forefathers. To kick out White and Arab influence (which should be done) and then try to replace it with an abstract called PanAfricanism does not make sense and will never work; it will be no better than what the Europeans and Arabs have done.

Africa does not function on abstractions in ideology and politics. Every African has a home town or home village, even if it is just shifting sands or flooded depression in the Rainy season. It is about "origins": there is no such thing as "African origin" for an African. What there is, is a specific, concrete, palpable and identifiable village or group or structure of origin and of original loyalty, and such happens to be on the continent of Africa.

PanAfricanism does not provide true origin or true identity for the African and will never command loyalty or serious identity. Nor does African "pan-nationalism" the way you indicate. Only people who are well-grounded in their origin can form a viable, sustainable collective with other people or other groups.

So, sum up Africa's problems now as Identity Crisis--not Pan-African identity crisis, but ethnic identity crises. Fix that, and we will be returning to our roots to support whatever giant tree we want to build and share among us.

Oguchi Nkwocha, MD
A Biafran Citizen


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