Friday, August 25, 2006

Africa is not one nation, and could never be. Africa does not need to be oneNation to be successful.Africa's nature has always been variegation and plethora: many different andunique entities sharing one space.The strength of Africa is in its diversity each with its own uniqueidentity, yet, co-existing.What is required today is to return the individual and natural sovereigntiesand nationhoods of indigenous African peoples to the natural ethnicities whoown them. As Africans, our natural loyalty and natural identity belong toour respective ethnicities. All the ruse and scheme to destroy such and haveus belong to some "State" to which we transfer our citizenship and loyaltyhave failed: they are the cause of the ongoing turmoil in Africa today, asall the African so-called countries are in fact such States.Where colonialism stopped balkanizing Africa, religions has filled the gapand have a greater devastating effect (where Balkanization is used with itscorrect meaning, which is the forced, non-consenting, unnaturalrearrangement of peoples for the sole purpose of benefiting the arranger andmaking the arranged weak and confounded). Both Christianity and Islam haveeroded the true African spirituality. To speak of "one African nation"without considering the impediments and treachery and brutality ofespecially backward and vicious Islam in Africa is to demonstrate a lot ofnaiveté.What I see for Africa are independent sovereign ethnic-based nationscoalescing with mutuality and respect into consensual sociopolitical andeconomic aggregates growing to the size of even regions. Borders can beporous in such arrangements, allowing for rapid and unimpeded exchanges; butinter-national borders there must be for the protection and security ofindigenous groups and their resources, and for the implementation ofeffective leadership and efficient administrative structures instituted bytheir own people and responsive to their own people.

Thank you.
Oguchi Nkwocha, MDA Biafran Citizen


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